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Daniel Wu jokes that Chang Chen has the most experience with extended shoots
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Chang Chen, Liu Ye and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) yesterday promoted their costume film THE LAST SUPPER (WONG DIK SING YIN). The story revolved around their Chinese historical characters Han Xin, Yu Xiang and Liu Bang. Liu Ye joked in Cantonese, "The shoot was very tough! The armor weighed 20 catty, the temperature was very hot around 42 degrees Celsius. The heat even killed two horses." He pointed out that the old age make up in the film was beyond painful. When the beard and the artificial skin were glued to his face they were both hot and itchy. During meals rice stuck to the beard; he tried to leave a gap with the artificial skin for air but sweat poured out like a spring. "I seriously thought about it. If another movie requires old age make up, I won't make it." Liu Ye joked that when his wife visited the set she did not recognize him. His son thought he was Grandpa.

Ng Yin Cho said that the film was originally scheduled for an April shoot, in the end it took eight and a half months to complete. He said, "I couldn't take some ad campaign. (Did you get a raise because of that?) I seem to have a little over time, anyway the most important is the good result.

Ng Yin Cho even made fun of Chang Chen with Liu Ye, saying that he had the most experience of extended shoots. Chang Chen awkwardly said, "Making a movie is tough, the most important is to enjoy the process." He pointed out that they stayed at some place remote during the shoot and he cooked for everyone.

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