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Jackie Chan's son Jaycee and wife Joan Lin help with his new film
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The Jackie Chan starred Emperor Motion Picture CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) was not only his 101st film but almost became his "final" film. Big Brother this time went to high heights and into volcanoes to complete this "final life risking action film" to write a perfect chapter for his film history.

Jackie Chan lives up to his Guinness World Record for the Most Stunts by a Living Actor. In the Emperor Motion Picture CZ12, he flew 30,000 feet in the air and went to a lava bubbling volcano to live up his life risking spirit from over the years. He said, "I am very focused on realism, I try to shoot on location as much as possible. Aside from the parachuting I also went to the volcano for actual location shoot. Honestly, I am 58! I really have thought about whether to retire after this film? I don't want to work until one day when viewers are looking at the screens and say, 'please stop fighting'! When I was at the volcano, the workers told me 'Big Brother be careful, the lava is spraying out'! At that moment I thought, if the lava erupted and I died like that on the set, it would be very beautiful, very perfect! Yet I thought this movie was my best in ten years, I was reluctant to die and retire!"

Jackie Chan injected his entire effort into the new film. He said, "I put a lot of messages into the film. Back then the Eight Nation Alliance invaded China, why did I arranged for the modern pirates in the film to have people of different nationalities? 'Don't have three or four ganging up one', I hope young people can see that." In addition, Big Brother continued, "During the closing credits I had a monologue, which was (Jaycee Chan) Fong Cho Ming's idea. He originally wanted to edit all my past work into a music video, but I didn't want to be too deliberate. However I really felt, every dangerous stunt might be my last. After it I might spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair. The monologue came from the heart. (Did you ask Joan Lin (Lam Fung Chiu) to guest star to trigger her acting bug?) No, she originally was unwilling to appear, seven or eight years ago a shampoo commercial offered her HK$15 million and she was unwilling. We would only perform together this one time, we won't have another chance."

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