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The Emperor and Media Asia joint release SPECIAL RESCUE HERO (DUT JUNG GAU WOON YING HUNG) began production yesterday. Bosses Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Peter Lam Kin Ngok led the worship ceremony with actors Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Hu Jun, Bai Bing and others in attendance.

Ting Fung earlier for the film attended a day of training in Pat Heung. Fire fighters were also on hand to provide instructions and take completely safety measures. He joked that in the film he would not in a muscle contest because he discovered that in uniform all the fire fighters were almost the same size. Would he have many dangerous scenes? "They are fine." Would his mother worry? "This time we will be fighting fire in full equipment, it is very safe." Did he pay attention to his friends' recent "ecstasy dinner" storm? He said that lately he saw such strange news and did not want read more about it. Did he not care about his friends? Ting Fung explained that a man would not deliberately ask, which would make it meaningless. He would absolutely trust his friends.

His former wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi reportedly has a new flame. Ting Fung said that he had no idea and was not worried that she would neglect their two sons due to dating. Did he feel bitter? "It's like it's always been. I would wish her well. Should I curse her out instead?" Ting Fung said that he still had no romance. "Let's make a few more movies first! When the time comes for romance it will come. She may be the pizza delivery girl. I wouldn't deliberate think about it."

Playing a fire fighter for the first time, Lok Jai said that in the film he would have many dangerous scenes. Because his face had to be on display he would personally perform them all without a double. Thus before the shoot he would properly inspect his clothing in detail to avoid injuries. He said that he could not worry about too much. He could only remain alert and ample sleep would be necessary.

Bai Bing in the film played the thermal piping expert and had to familiarize herself with a lot of professional jargon. She also had her share of action stunts. Who would she like to have a romance with in the film? She said that the choice was very hard but in the film she had more scenes with Hu Jun. Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) revealed that earlier she had to interrogate and slap Ting Fung. "I slapped him 4 or 5 times, every time I would hit him with full force. Originally I wanted to greet Ting Fung first, but he asked me to hit for real. We didn't have any bad take, but when I saw his face and ear were all red from my slaps I felt very sorry. Ting Fung said that he was fine. This scene was very memorable for me."

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