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Yao Xingtong, Jackie Chan, Laura Weissbecker, Eric Tsang, Zhang Lanxin
Carina Lau
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The 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival last night held its opening ceremony banquet. The opening film was CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU). Jackie Chan led "Jackie Girls" Zhang Lanxin, Yao Xingtong and Laura Weissbecker in attendance. Jackie Chan again responded to his "Hong Kong protest regulation" comment. He stated that he only did what he thought was right. He was not worried that the film box office would be affected. He even boldly said, "I can't be criticized to death, I have the world box office!"

Jackie Chan's "Hong Kong protest regulation" comment led to online criticism. Yesterday he responded, "I don't need to explain more, whether it is me, the Chief Executive or the leaders, the starting point is for the good of Hong Kong. Maybe I don't know how to express myself but I hope everyone would respect each other. Am I constantly criticized? Let them criticize, I won't be upset. I have my freedom of speech, I can't be criticized to death or written to death."

As for the boycott against his movies and its possible effect on the box office, Jackie Chan arrogantly said, "I have the world box office, I only did what I thought was right. Some people would target me over one thing, some people would target me long term."

Jackie Chan was very happy to run into buddy Eric Tsang Chi Wai. As for Chi Wai and Kenny Wee (Wong Ho)'s troubles, he joked, "I can't hear, see or speak, on the surface I definitely would support my buddy. Should I make the matter worse instead? At night I am......else!" Jackie Chan's protest comment was criticized. Chi Wai was asked whether he would support his buddy? He quoted Jackie Chan, "On the surface I definitely support him, at night I am......else!"

The award ceremony jury member Carina Lau Ka Ling last night made an appearance. She said online, "The rare experience exchange with film professionals from around the world has made me further understand the beauty and the difficulty of film creation. The experience has been deeply memorable."

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