Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Du Juan, Tong Dawei, Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming, Peter Chan
Peter Chan's father Chan Tung Man, wife Sandra Ng and daughter Chan Si Chi
Crystal Liu
The Vicki Zhao directed SO YOUNG is a big Mainland box office hit.  She takes the film to the 3rd Paris Chinese Film Festival for its opening ceremony
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed, Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, Tong Dawei and Du Juan starred film AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA two days ago held a premiere press conference at the Qinghua University. Chan Ho Sun's father Chan Tung Man, wife Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and daughter Chan Si Chi attended in support. The film earlier held 20 test screenings in 7 cities and all received good reviews that said it was a "movie that would make men cry".

Speaking of school life, Huang Xiaoming revealed that "(Vicki) Zhao Wei was Su Mei of my life". He said, "Zhao Wei with her big eyes and white skin struck me down right away. Later when we performed in a play, Zhao Wei curiously asked, 'Xiaoming is too nervous, your face is twitching'." Huang Xiaoming joked that he would be very shy in front of a woman he liked. Was he knocked down like he was in the film? Huang Xiaoming said, "Take a guess?"

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