Friday, May 17, 2013


Jackie Chan tries to help Fan Bingbing with her dress in the wind
Fan Bingbing, Colin Firth
Zhang Ziyi and Ludivine Sagnier
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Fan Bingbing's dress design is similar to Kitty Zhang's the day before
Zhang Ziyi
Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing "forces" a hug on Jackie Chan
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Fan Bingbing earlier attended the film SKIPTRACE (JUET DEI TOH MONG) promotion with Jackie Chan as they passionately embraced. Jackie Chan after hugging Fan Bingbing screamed jokingly, "She forced the hug on me." Fan Bingbing was asked if she will participate in any action scene. She said, "I will have fight scenes, when Big Brother Jackie Chan wants me to fight I fight. Big Brother even wants me to fight him."

Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing and director Sam Fell yesterday attended their film SKIPTRACE's press conference. In 6 inch high heels Bingbing once lost her balance and Jackie Chan gave her a hand. Due to the strong wind, Jackie Chan also helped with Bingbing's dress. In the new film will they have any romantic scene? Jackie Chan smiled and said, "She plays my niece, this time she is fighting, I am acting!"

The new film's budget will be US$35 million and will shoot on location in China, Hong Kong, Siberia, the U.S and other locations. Jackie Chan recalled when Lionel Richie arrived in Beijing. "He said doesn't everyone in Beijing carry a machine gun? He had little knowledge of China, so I want to make Hollywood movies with some Chinese flavor so foreigners will have more understanding of the Chinese culture." Jackie Chan this time will not direct, as he joked that he wanted to make some "easy money". He also thought that Chinese filmmakers could have something to be proud and pitied about, the film visual could not compare to Hollywood but has real kung fu and actual locations for movies. He was very confident in the box office and felt that it will make more than CZ12's total box office of 1.2 billion.

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