Monday, May 27, 2013


Simon Yam entertains himself outside in the snow
Wang Baoqiang, Simon Yam, Yu Kang
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Simon Yam Tat Wa earlier went to the Changbai Mountain to work on ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP), as soon as he arrived he ran into a snow storm. When the team headed to the location, the storm closed the road. The film company immediately called for a snow plow to clear it. Trapped in the mountain, Yam Tat Wa went outside the vehicle to entertain himself with snowballs. After half a day the road was finally cleared. When they arrived on the set, the actors rushed into their costumes, but when they were about to start shooting the sun was already set. The director could only reschedule the shoot. Luckily Yam Tat Wa immediately turned into a tour guide and joked that since everyone was in costume the opportunity should not be wasted. He and other actors Wang Baoqiang, Yu Kang and others took photos in the snow and brought cheer to the set.

Playing an Imperial soldier, Yam Tat Wa looked mighty in the armor but actually only he knew the pain . Yam Tat Wa said that the armor weighed over 40 pounds. Every time he needed two strong men's assistance to put it on. Every time he had to spend half a hour to complete the task. Yam Tat Wa said that performing in the armor was particularly tough. Every move required a lot of strength. In addition he had many action scenes, he would not be able to handle them with a little less strength.

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