Monday, May 20, 2013


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Desmond Pang jokes that the rumors with Linda Chung lands him on a rare magazine cover
Kong Wa feels Sheren Tang has a lot of pressure from working on BEAUTY AT WAR
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Linda Chung Ka Yun recently has been linked to wealthy church member Desmond Pang Kei Yin, who two nights ago attended the HIDDEN TREASURE (MOR SHUI SI DIK BO BUI) premiere. In the film he and the female lead had intercourse and she became pregnant out of wedlock. he said that in real life as a Christian he declines premarital sex.

Speaking of rumors with Ka Yun BB made his popularity rise, Pang Kei Yin said, "I truly thank everyone, I never imagined that I would have a cover (magazine). Since I started I haven't had a lot of coverage, this time I was blessed with a goddess to be my rumored girlfriend, I really am very appreciative!" He said that he warmed up slowly. Since he and Ka Yun BB have not known each other long, they are still friends. For now he still has not thought about pursuing her. "We have only met a few times, she is a good fellow church member. I don't dare to reach. (Zac) Kao Ho Ching said that I am a picky hot property? Haha, I am just careful with making friends."

Kong Wa two nights ago attend the Media Evangelism Ltd.'s digital film HIDDEN TREASURE. In the film he played a magician and performed with his usual "Andy Lau Tak Wa style chok". His wife Mak Kitman also showed her support.

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