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Diana Pang mainly works in the Mainland
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The Diana Pang Tan written, directed, starred and produced film ON THE NI NAN WAN FRONTIER will open in Hong Kong in July. With an over 40 million yuan RMB investment, the film shot on location on the Huang River, the glacier plateau and the Grand Canyon. She in order to bring the character to life, before the shoot she went to experience life in Nan Ni Wan, suffering and toiling along with the civilians.

During the shoot the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius below zero. Over 100 members of the team succumbed to the low temperature but Pang Tan was able to withstand it. "I have Hong Kong filmmakers' tough spirit, in the past many people misunderstood Hong Kong filmmakers. They feel that we only know how to make absurd comedy and act like big shots. Actually we are very professional and are very tough." Although the shoot gave her gray hair, Pang Tan did not throw a tantrum or act upset. Thus the crew called her "Sister Fairy" and "Brother Tan". She even gained 20 pounds for the male disguise role in the first half, then lost it again.

As a political consultative conference member, Pang Tan said that it did not conflict with her film work. As for Stephen Chow Sing Chi being criticized for being absent to the conference, she said, "Chow Sing Chi is beyond my control, my attendance rate is 100%. Even when I was sick I still insisted on attending, and I was never late." She felt that since she promised to serve then she should attend all of the conference. "The political consultative job is a duty, not a halo".

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