Saturday, May 18, 2013


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Wang Baoqiang, Donnie Yen, Eva Huang
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Eva Huang Shengyi, Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Wang Baoqiang promoted their film ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP) at the Cannes Film Festival. Yen Chi Tan praised Huang Shengyi's professionalism, citing that despite her illness from her diving program participation she still commuted between Beijing and Hong Kong for the shoot without any complaint at all. He hoped to have another chance to play a couple again with her, which surprised Huang Shengyi.

Huang Shengyi said that when she first rehearsed with Yen Chi Tan she was very nervous because his image was very tough. However he actually was very attentive and took great care of others. In one scene he picked her up and carried her into a room, he subconsciously blocked the door for her to keep it from hitting her. She was complimented for her action actress potential and immediately said action director Yen Chi Tan, "Please design more action for me!"

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