Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sammi Cheng appears in white to promote BLIND DETECTIVE
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man arrived in Cannes with the film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) to participate in the event for the first time. She was both happy and excited, upon her arrival she complimented Cannes to be a very pretty town. Unfortunately rain kept falling and she was unable to look around. Luckily yesterday morning when she got up the sun was out, and she felt great as she stared into the sea.

Sammi wore white for the interview and shot many photos herself to share with fans online. "On the first day in Cannes, I chose to wear white more or less to represent mi's state of mind as she steps into such a grand scale international film event: experiencing and participating with a heart that is as simple as a child's. Cannes is more romantic than I have imaged, mi just finished work. Before taking off all the white I remembered to take this photo for you. Would you give mi some encouragement? I am not very used to walking the red carpet for tomorrow night! I need strength very, very much."

For the red carpet, she has watched her diet for days in hopes of being at her best shape for the elegant evening wear. "I chose an evening wear out of several dozen, I want to be pretty and comfortable. Finally luckily I wore a real deal that made me feel 'it's you!' As for whether it will be sexy, haha, I am not qualified to be sexy!"

Sammi said to a Mainland media that BLIND DETECTIVE is not as bloody, violent and hardcore as the revealed footage. she and Andy Lau Tak Wa had many funny scenes; it also will not be like THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH), the style will be completely different.

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