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Charlie Yeung and Aaron Kwok have been friends for many years and working on CHRISTMAS ROSE has been pleasant for them both.
Aaron Kwok admits to have marriage disorder from constantly being dumped
The Charlie Yeung directed, Aaron Kwok and Kwai Lun-Mei starred CHRISTMAS ROSE has many court scenes.
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)'s 7 year relationship ends. Outsiders speculate that due to Christine Kuo's appearance and Lynn forcing the marriage issue, the 47 year old Sing Sing decided to make the break. Sing Sing and his friend Charlie Yeung Choi Nei is promoting their film CHRISTMAS ROSE (SING DAN MUI GWAI). Sing Sing revealed that he had a marriage disorder. He just liked to play but was not philandering, which often made girlfriends dump him. Charlie who was rumored to retire from show business and wed after fulfilling her director dream stressed that she still had film contracts on hand. Even when she will wed in the future she will not give up working and making movies.

A: Kwok Fu Sing, C: Yeung Choi Nei, R: Reporter

R: Sing Sing, you have said that you learned to handle relationships from Charlie's debut (as a director), what did you learn?

A: In the film my relationship with my father is very complicated, I learned to let go and not to be stubborn; when I didn't win the Hong Kong Film Award I wouldn't be stubborn, I wouldn't force anything in love. Before starting a family I have to think clearly. Because I have to spend the rest of my life with the other half, we have to spend a long time together. If we have any problem I have to give up; I also hope that she will have a good future and happiness, which is a display of maturity. For example when you wear high heels that are a size too small, would she still wear them if you are bloodied and bruised? If it isn't right, you should think of a way to find suitable shoes and not keeping wearing it even though you are bloodied and bruised.

Enjoy Playing But Never Screwing Around

R: Since you love film so much, does your future companion have to love film too?

A: Not necessarily, that depends on fate. I feel that when someone is independent, he would work without any care and would find another even greater return. Work is the best companion. I feel I have a marriage disorder, otherwise why would I be 47 and still not married? I am after perfection, I would spend time on work. I like to play, but that doesn't mean that I screw around. I am after dreams and like to be with friends. Family doesn't represent everything. I have friends who have children and love their families but still end up in divorce. Why is marriage so fragile?

Of Course He Would not Dump Lynn Xiong

R: You don't dare to get married, are you afraid that it would fail?

A: Maybe I have failed before and constantly. Before I was always dumped, many people couldn't take me. With most of them I wasn't the one who did the dumping, I am not talking about this time! Everyone can guess what happened from the reports.

R: Yet the reports say you dumped Hung Doi Lam?

A: Would you guess I would be like that? Of course I wouldn't! However let's not say too much, I don't want to hurt her; anyone who understand Sing Sing would know. Everyone thinks that I am playing around, actually all you have to do is take a look at what attitude I have toward work you would know what kind of person I am!

No Chance After Breaking Up

R: Would this relationship have any change to be turned around?

A: It wouldn't!

R: After the break up you continue to be active, are you really as outsider says, no pain from the break up?

A: Actually when I am by myself, I am very lost. So I can't let myself stop. However I wouldn't cry. Many years ago I told myself, I would only cry on screen!

R: Does Yeung Choi Nei know about Sing Sing's relationships?

C: Sing Sing and I are very familiar, but normally we wouldn't talk about relationships. I wouldn't even ask.

Yeung Choi Nei Denies Show Business Retirement

R: You have been rumored to wed and retire from show business after this film fulfills your director dream?

C: I don't know why this report would come about. Next month I even accepted a movie role, even I don't know about marriage and parenthood plans. Let it take its natural course! However I would pay attention to life, I wouldn't keep myself from getting married to make movies. Creating this movie is like giving birth, writing a script, production, post production took 4 years. At first I wanted to be a screen writer and write a human nature story. I am very interested in court and sexual assault is a social problem that is very controversial, so I designed it. Originally I wanted Tsui Hark to make it for me, he told me to direct it myself. When I put it in practice I had to pass many tests, it's like applying for the university.

R: With the court scenes in the film, your boyfriend Shiu Wan Chi was a lawyer before . When you wrote the script did you approach him for material?

C: My team has a lawyer, but the last name isn't Shiu. He still hasn't had the chance to watch this film.

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