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Gordon Liu has already left the hospital and is in recovery
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The 57 year old famous martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) suffered a stroke in August 2011 and hemiplegia on the left side of his body. Since then a financial dispute erupted between Lau and his family and assistant. Originally named Sin Kam Hei, Lau Ka Fai earlier filed suit with the High Court against former assistant Eva Fung for over HK$2 million in saving.

The suit stated that Lau Ka Fai has requested for the court to confirm that defendant Eva Fung had Lau's two accounts only in her trust, including a 1.39 million yuan RMB Bank of China Hong Kong account and a US$ 580,000 HSBC account. The plaintiff also requested the defendant to turn over all related account saving and the account's records like past transactions. The suit also stated that if the court declined to order the defendant to directly turn over the saving to Lau Ka Fai, it may order the defendant to turn over the related saving to the court so the court may issue living expense to him in the future for Lau's residence, medical and other needs.

Yesterday reporters contacted Lau Ka Fai's guardian Fan Yik Man, who stated that originally she did not want the matter to end up in court since everyone knew each other and lawyers cost money. She only wanted to regain Brother Ka Fai's finances for his future medical expenses. In as early as January she already asked Eva for the two savings accounts but to no avail. She could only follow the legal process.

Fan Yik Man said that Brother Ka Fai already knew about the matter being in the court system. Now his health condition has progressed decently, as he has already been transferred to a nursing home with 24 hour care. Early this year he suffered a fall and had an operation and earlier he went for a follow up visit. The doctor praised him for gaining 2 to 3 kilograms. His appetite has been great and he loved chocolate. He also wanted to go out. If he could be more stable in his wheelchair, she has promised to take him outside.

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