Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Jia Zhangke is very happy that his new film makes people think about Chinese culture
For A TOUCH OF SIN Zhao Tao cut her two year long hair
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Mainland director Jia Zhangke and his wife Zhao Tao said about Zhang Ziyi being criticized after praising his new film A TOUCH OF SIN, "I thank her for her support. Her jury work was in a different segment from ours, so she was able to express her feeling. People only yelled at her because they didn't understand. (Reportedly TOUCH reflected on the Foxconn incident?) The film was inspired by internet violent cases, the characters and the story were all fictional. The film passed inspection and will be released in the Mainland in October. I am very happy that this film brought out a reflection of Chinese culture, now it is open. (How was your wife's performance?) I used to think she brought a little luck, now she has opened my eyes. (Will you work with Johnnie To Kei Fung?) Earlier I took time off with him to make TOUCH, he told me to 'hurry back'. Later we will start a collaboration." Director Jia also praised Carina Lau Ka Ling and Chen Kun's performance in BENDS (GOR GAI).

Zhao Tao said, "This character is full of tension, which is rather hard to play. I started in dance, and added dance choreography in the murder scene. The result was decent. For this film I cut the hair that I have grown for two years, which was somewhat regrettable but work was more important. I wasn't worried about inspection, the director was very courageous."

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