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Because they worked together on THE LOVERS, Tsui Hark is like a father to Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung makes mischievous gestures behind Tsui Hark
Charlie Yeung calls in a lot of favors for her directing debut.
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Charlie Yeung Choi Nei and Tsui Hark in 1994 worked together on the film THE LOVERS (LEUNG JOOK). Since then they remained friends. Earlier when Charlie directed CHRISTMAS ROSE (SING DAN MUI GWAI), Tsui Hark who always gave suggestions to the film at the film company's invitation became the film's producer with another famous filmmmaker Jacob Cheung Chi Leung. Tsui Hark said that he worried a little about producing this time. "I was very afraid of scaring Charlie because I am very honest at work. I wouldn't show any mercy. I feel with filmmaking, courtesy is useless. The focus is getting what the director wants. Sometimes when I got less than courtesy, I would feel I was too impulsive. However my personality is like that and I can't do anything about it!"

Tsui Hark even stated that when Charlie was making the movie, he never visited the set because he did not want to hinder her work. "As a director I don't want producers to come to the set. They can come to play and have no problem, but if they come to watch how I shoot I would feel very bothered. So I never went to the set, I only gave my opinions before and after the shoot."

Although Tsui Hark had concerns, Charlie found his directness very acceptable. "I'm OK! I know he does that for the movie, he would only speak up for your own good. I would rather he says something when something happens, which is better than saying he has regrets afterward!"

Their relationship improved further due to the collaboration as they understood each other even more. Charlie joked that from when they first worked together on THE LOVERS, Tsui Hark already felt like a father to him. "Maybe he gives people the impression that he is very serious, but actually he is a very humorous person. Back then when we worked together I always wanted to get closer to him. He has a fatherly feeling that is still unshakable now."

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