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Eva Huang and Wang Baoqiang call Donnie Yen nice and willing to teach his juniors about acting
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Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang enjoy the Cannes beach before work
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Arriving in Cannes two nights ago, Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang will stay there for 3 days but will have too much time just for the two of them due to the tight schedule. As soon as they arrived they had dinner with investors. The next morning, Yen Chi Tan had bread during make up then rushed over to ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP) press conference. Luckily the press conference took place by the beach, he and his wife after arriving took the time for a walk on the beach.

Yen Chi Tan said, "The weather is great, unfortunately I don't have time to enjoy the sun and the beach with my wife. My wife and I were prepared to spend these 3 days at work, after that I have to rush back to Hong Kong for ICEMAN 3D and can't stay for a day or two more. What a shame!" He was very happy to learn that ICEMAN 3D has successfully been sold to India, Singapore, the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places, exceeding CZ12 (12 SUN CHIU)'s overseas distribution. Chi Tan in the two film teasers displayed his skills, climbing a light post with his bare hands and dangerously standing on top of a high speed bus. Their Changbai Mountain snow scenes were also beautiful and touching. The film will shoot in two parts.

Yen Chi Tan, Mainland actors Eva Huang Shengyi and Wang Baoqiang yesterday attended the ICEMAN 3D press conference. They were very excited as many posters and teasers were displayed.

Chi Tan said, "This time I am staying in Cannes for 3 days, it's the shortest time. Cissy later will take her parents to England, I want to go so bad! However I have to go back and finish the movie. I didn't even tell the kids that I was going to Cannes. I only called them after we arrived and they complained. Earlier on the flight I ran into Leung Chiu Wai and Lau Ka Ling and I treated it like we caught up. In Cannes I am promoting four movies. I am very happy that ICEMAN 3D had time travel and shot on location in the Changbai Mountain, which made it very different from my movies before. Yen Chi Tan doesn't repeat his old paths, he would make breakthroughs and something fresh."

Huang Shengyi said, "I play a bartender who would swindle for money but is a good person inside. In the film I have to ride a motorcycle, but I don't have a license. I thank Chi Tan for his guidance. This is my first time in Cannes, it's very cold but I am very happy."

Wang Baoqiang also praised Chi Tan, "I am a Yen Chi Tan fan. When he makes a movie, then I do too. He has helped me with a lot. After my first fight scene I was already hooked." After the press conference, Wang Baoqiang rushed to promote his new Jia Zhangke film A TOUCH OF SIN.

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