Saturday, May 18, 2013


For their first scene Wylie Chiu and Victor Chen already have to get intimate
Wylie Chiu has a cup busted over her head
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The film WINTER IS HOPED with Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean actors released its Cannes trailer with a mix of stories and Chinese, English and Korean. In it the Wylie Chiu Shek Chi and Victor Chen Si Hong's love story was the most fast paced. They had many intimate scenes. In another scene they cursed at each others. Chen Si Hong not only slapped her but also cursed. He even "busted a cup". Finally Shek Chi stabbed herself on the streets of Mongkok.

In addition, WINTER suddenly had a fully naked man on camera and a naked actress on her side. Director Ray Woo Wai Sing revealed that Shek Chi and Si Hong's first scene was an intimate scene, so awkwardness was inevitable. The foul language was added on the spot. They kept practicing before hand so they had no bad take.

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