Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sire Ma, Jason Chan, Linda Chung
Johnson Lee faces the "armed" victims of his pranks
courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
courtesy of mingpao.com

Linda Chung Ka Yun, Sire Ma Choi and Jason Chan Chi Sun yesterday attended the OFFICE OF PRACTICAL JOKES (WAN YEH WONG) celebration. Although the show was popular, Johnson Lee Si Jit had no intention for additional episodes. In August he will focus on directing a film and form a production company right now. He will still be willing to work for TVB. "I have signed the 9 year old Malaysian child star (Crystal) Lee Hing Hau. She played (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung's daughter in the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) and is very talented."

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