Thursday, May 16, 2013


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Jackie Chan arrives in Cannes to promote SKIPTRACE with Fan Bingbing
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Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing yesterday attended their new film SKIPTRACE's welcome party on a yacht in Cannes. When Jackie Chan arrived, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out. Jackie Chan was in an even better mood. After 2 hours, Bingbing appeared in 5 inch high heels. The crew pointed out that Bingbing just finished working and rushed over. Jackie Chan welcomed her on the deck and mischievously said that he wanted to hug Bingbing as a welcome, but was afraid of rumors. Bingbing smiled and gave a hug to Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan joked, "You are the one who is hugging me!" Later they and the film's foreign director Sam Fell posed for photos. They even spread their arms for the TITANIC pose. Bingbing said to Jackie Chan, "You jump, I jump!" Later Bingbing and Jackie Chan posed for photos on the side of the ship. Because Jackie Chan sat dangerously, Bingbing could not help but ask Big Brother to be careful.

Although Bingbing yesterday did not officially spoke to the press, she chatted with reporters. She said that Jackie Chan asked her to fight in the new film. She was confidently that she would be able to take it. Bingbing even said, "For action films I only want to work with Big Brother."

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