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Chris Tong just promoted for the film last month 
Chrissie Chau has chocolate cream all over her rear
Hidy Yu's birthday is also in May but she is in the receiving end of the cake toss
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na yesterday turned 28. Earlier the film BAU 3 CHIU GIU WA (EXPLOSIVE 3 ANGELS) celebrated her, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung and producer Wong Wing Fung's birthdays with a surprise party. At first everyone normally popped champagne bottles and sang birthday songs. Suddenly Sister Na attacked the producer with cream. Hidy joined in and slammed the entire cake on the producer's head to start a cake war. Sister Na was "hesitant" but rather enjoyed this cream spa.

Sister Na earlier in the year announced her breakup. She revealed that this year she dined with friends and already began scheduling in early May. She said that both she had both male and female suitors, but she hoped to get to know them further before developing any relationship. She believed in feeling and would take everything naturally. Her birthday wish was good health for herself and those around her, because after her on the set injury she realized health was more important than everything.

"The Malaysian Papaya" Chris Tong Bingyu recently worked on the Chau Sau Na's new film BAU 3 CHIU GIU WAI. Two nights ago after work she drove from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Robbers stopped her car and robbed her. Tong Bingyu claimed that she lost almost 10,000 in the robbery and was also attacked when she resisted. She called the police and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. Today she is still under observation.

Tong Bingyu through her manager revealed that recently she kept receiving disturbing calls. During the robbery she already screamed for help, she was lucky to be alive. She also worried that her injury would affect the new film's production progress. Sister Na was very surprised. "I saw her injured photos and my heart really ached. Actually a girl alone at night really shouldn't drive, the best was to have someone with her. That way there was someone to help no matter what! Originally in June I will fly to Malaysia to wrap up the new film. Now Bingyu is injured, I have to see how her condition will be before knowing it will go on as scheduled. I am worried about the production progress too."

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