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On Hong Wai's birthday in February, Terence Yin celebrated with his brother and parents.
Hong Wai, Jenny Hu and their sons.  The baby is Terence Yin.
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Former Shaw film star Wan Kin Ping (stage name Hong Wai) passed away in the U.S. at the age of 73. Hong Wai's wife Jenny Hu (Wai Yin Nei) was a 60s Shaw star. They had two sons, older son Wan Chi Yeung is a lawyer in the U.S. Younger son Terence Yin (wan Chi Wai) followed his parents' footsteps into show business. Wan Chi Wai yesterday returned to the U.S. for the funeral. He announced the news of his ailing father's passing online last week and said that the news of his father's death was too sudden. He wrote, "To me and my family, this happened very suddenly. I never publicly responded to this because I hoped to return home first and handle this with my family. Today I am returning to the U.S. I want to thank friends for their concern and assistance to me. It means a lot to me."

Reportedly Hong Wai passed away after suffering a stroke in the U.S. His son Wan Chi Wai shortened his Mainland work trip to return to the U.S. Hong Wai was a Shaw film star. After marrying Wu Yin Nei he moved to behind the scene work, directing four films. Two starred his wife; later he immigrated to the U.S. Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Susan Shaw Yam Yam and Lee San San all expressed their sorrow online over the news of the passing and sent their condolences to his family.

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