Friday, May 17, 2013


Denise Ho plans to wed in Canada
Anthony Wong Yiu Ming 
Pakho Chau
Denise Ho jokingly asks Wyman Wong to donate sperm for her baby
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Edison Chen wants to be himself and refuses to improve his emotional quotient
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Kathy Chow, Miriam Yeung
Denise Ho celebrates her birthday with her rumored friend Joanne Teng  and 
Cable earlier placed a ban on Edison Chen, who reiterates that his expression never changed during the interview
Hilary Tsui's friends says that she looks Korean with her new hairstyle
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa injured her leg while attending a Mainland event and is still recovering. Two nights ago she wore 4 inch nickel heels to a new store opening event. As others carefully helped her to the venue, she turned into a visiting "empress"; she said that she was recovering, as long as she was not running and jumping around she was fine. She also laughed and said that her husband Real Ting Chi Ko has scolded her before. "He yelled at me for dressing too casually normally and asked me to dress up a little before going out. Thus in according to his request, I prepared a pile of clothes that I can wear when I go outside. I understand that my husband wants what's good for me and to avoid being embarrassed at our son's parent day in the future."

Best Actress Chin Wa said that this year she has already accepted 3 films, two of which may go into production at any time. She worried that her performance would be affected and hoped to be able to make time.

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