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With her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai by her side Carina Lau is even more confident
Carina Lau blows kisses to the media like a queen on a parade
After the premiere Carina Lau and Chen Kun embrace each other to the applause of many, including director Jia Zhangke (left)
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Carina Lau Ka Ling's BENDS (GOR GAI) two nights ago held its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Once Cannes Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai played bodyguard to his wife all night, accompanying Ka Ling down the red carpet and giving his wife a queen's arrival. After the premiere, Wai Jai and viewers including director Jia Zhangke who deliberately came in support applauded. Many viewers stood up and applauded for 10 minutes. With both Chinese and foreign film critics alike praising Lau Ka Ling's performance, her Cannes Best Actress chances heated up.

Although rain has been falling for days in Cannes, it could not stop the guests' enthusiasm. Lau Ka Ling and Chen Kun were BENDS' leads, of course they dressed up for the occasion; Leung Chiu Wai who was used to being the lead this time would rather played support and bodyguard to his wife Lau Ka Ling. He stayed by her side and silently supported her. Yet on the red carpet how could anyone not see this superstar? Thus he and Lau Ka Ling all became the foci of the camera flash bulbs, making Ka Ling's red carpet appearance like a queen's arrival. The team naturally was very happy, at least she brought attention to the film.

The film's new director Flora Lau Wan Man, producers Shi Nansun and Winnie Yu Tseng and one of the investors Hsu Feng flew to Cannes for the event. Everyone placed a lot of importance on this film. After the global premiere two nights ago, everyone stood up and accepted the cheers of the audience. The applause even lasted 10 minutes. As everyone experienced the excitement, they embraced each other. The scene was both joyous and touching. Although Wai Jai remained in his seat to keep from stealing the spotlight, he applauded hard to provide endless support to his wife and the team.

After the screening many Chinese and foreign film reviews appeared, most praised Lau Ka Ling's performance in the film as the wife or a rich man to be very convincing and had depth. After the premiere, Lau Ka Ling's acting was recognized even more. Her chances at Best Actress heated up again. With her husband Leung Chiu Wai's lucky assistance, would she win Best Actress and receive international recognition for her acting? If she and Wai Jai both won at Cannes, then they would become an international Best Actor and Best Actress couple!

A French national television station reporter said that the film had a very meaningful story and reflected the difference between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Its display of Hong Kong was not exaggerated at all. Lau Ka Ling's performance was very detailed and had many emotional scenes. The feeling for Chen Kun as the driver was average. A German broadcast radio film critic praised the film to be very sentimental and had depth, from the film viewers could understand a lot about China and Hong Kong. The visuals were beautiful and very persuasive. A Mainland reporter agreed that the characters were more outstanding, the film was very smooth including the ending and was expected to win awards. Yet an Italian reporter said that the story of the rich and the poor has been seen before and could not completely win over people.

Lead actor Chen Kun said that before walking the red carpet he was very nervous because he has not seen the entire film. Yet after watching it he was very moved! The director also said before the premiere that from planning to production BENDS to her was a long journey. She hoped that viewers would enjoy and liked her film as much as she did.

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