Tuesday, May 21, 2013


courtesy of on.cc

Mainland director Geng Weiguo (also known as Tan Bing) publicly blamed Donnie Yen Chi Tan twice for his film JUNG GIK GAI MA (ULTIMATE DECODING) not being able to start production. Because the claims might cause severe damage to his reputation, Chi Tan decided to file a lawsuit against Tan Bing with the Beijing Haidian District Court in February for a written apology and 5 million RMB in compensation.

The case had hearings on March 14th and May 20th, but Tan Bing did not appear either time! Yesterday, Tan Bing finally appeared and held a press conference. He claimed that because he has been working on his new film, he did not receive the summons and thus remained silent. He even stated that the matter was in his lawyer's hands now.

Yen Chi Tan's spokesperson Ms. Cheung replied, "Although Tan Bing claimed that he was unable to receive the summons, the court directly called him over the phone. He said that he was working on a movie, how could he not know Yen Chi Tan was suing him? He did not appear in court twice, which was contempt. Tan Bing made multiple crazy accusations against Chi Tan, which were very excessive speculative behavior. Chi Tan thought that they would not be encouraged and the only action to take was a lawsuit. Chi Tan also believed that the Beijing court will obtain justice for him!"

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