Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Andy Lau reportedly is trying for a son
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Andy Lau Tak Wa's 2008 film promotional poster appeared on a certain Jiangsu lumber company's product package and online. Lau Tak Wa felt that his name and image rights were violated and filed suit against the company. The cast yesterday was heard in the Wujing district of Changzhou. Lau Tak Wa's represented stated that Lau Tak Wa's image had enormous commercial value. The lumber company without authorization used his image to promote its wooden file, wallpaper and other products. They requested for the court to issue an order to stop the defendant from copyright infringement behavior and to recall the product involved from national retailers, to stop using Lau Tak Wa's image, to issue a public apology and to compensate 500,000 yuan RMB.

The defendant stated that it did not violate Lau Tak Wa's image and signature rights with malice, as it stated a contract to authorize their uses with a Beijing advertising company. The judge stated whether the contract granted permission or not, the defendant has exceeded its limits of its rights to use Lau Tak Wa's image and committed copyright violation. After the court investigation ended, both parties stated that they were willing to accept mediation.

Wa Jai in SWITCH (TIN GEI FU CHUN SHAN GUI TOH) had a passionate bed scene with Zhang Jingchu. In recent years he has rarely worked on any intimate scenes, but after wedding his standards grew more lenient. Many are looking forward to his intimate performance with Zhang Jingchu.

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