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Producer Hsu Feng grabs shy guy Tony Leung Chiu Wai for a photo, much to the joy of Chen Kun
Praised for her crying scene, Carina Lau says they were "gratifying"
Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau exchange sweet glances during the toast
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Carina Lau Ka Ling and Chen Kun spoke to the media in Cannes about their film BENDS. In the film they played a Hong Kong upper class socialite and a Mainlander driver. Their character struggled through many emotional scenes. Ka Ling could not help but shed real tears as true emotions flowed.

They at the press conference exchanged compliments. Ka Ling said, "I am older than him, he is my junior. I am very lucky to run into an excellent actor like Chen Kun. I would make different attempts with every one of my movie, emotional scenes in particular. He was able to receive them." Chen Kun said that when he first met Ka Ling he already sensed her charm. On and off camera she was very happy to take care of others.

Their characters had class and cultural differences. Ka Ling joked that in real life she only belonged to the upper middle class. "Happiness is not measured with money, happiness is for you to find in life, to see how you face life and your so-called happiness. At home (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai concentrates on his model building and Wing Chun, while I am busy with bills and chores. Yet I am very happy too, I don't want to keep an eye on my husband. I only want to help him achieve."

Speaking of the growing conflict between China and Hong Kong, Ka Ling felt that being on the same earth everyone should coexist peacefully. "We shouldn't create hypothetical or deliberate conflict. We would have conflict, which is understandable. Originally Hong Kong and the Mainland have completely different backgrounds, now the relationship is closer. We should think about the premise first and shouldn't blow up the matter too much." She praised new director Flora Lau Wan Man for not adding bed scenes or controversial scenes for commercial elements and persisting on her original idea. She has won her respect.

Ka Ling and Chen Kun said that this collaboration has been very pleasant. Ka Ling said, "People need exchanges, after understanding each other then we can get into characters. Chen Kun and I had great exchanges!" She even said that Chen Kun will be a great actor. Chen Kun said, "I was both excited and nervous about working with Sister Ka Ling!" He pointed out that he worked on a film in Hong Kong for an extended period of time for the first time. A stranger in a strange place, he appreciated Ka Ling for taking care of her.

Foreign media raved about Ka Ling's touching break down scene. Ka Ling said, "At the time the shoot was about to come to an end, so I was already in character, captured the feeling. After finishing it it feels very gratifying!" She even talked about her philosophy. "No one knows what will happen tomorrow. I am already at this age, I am more relaxed with a lot. Unless I don't want to live, if I do I have to keep going and look ahead!" Producer Shi Nansun pointed out that BENDS was an art film so it had no box office pressure.

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