Friday, January 6, 2017


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Kevin Lin, Jay Chou, Simon Hung, Megan Lai, Sean Huang
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The all new inspirational film 10,000 MILES last night held its Hong Kong premiere. Actors Megan Lai, Sean Huang, director Simon Hung, ultramarathon runner and producer Kevin Lin attended; before the premiere they attended a Causeway Bay press conference. Another producer Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) even came from Taiwan to support the premiere. "Chairman Chou" immediately caused a stir with his appearance, as he greeted everyone with a friendly wave.

First time producer Chairman Chou was asked if he felt any pressure and whether he had any argument with the other producer. He said, "We have known each other for a long time already. We have chemistry long ago. Every night everyone would have video chats. The most important is for the story and the actors to be good. This way the movie would be good. This time producing was good. I really liked it, really enjoyed it, as directing was very tired. In comparison, the director's situation was even more tense because he had to control the cost. He would have a lot of pressure."

Chairman Chou whose Hong Kong Coliseum concert will begin tomorrow was asked whether his wife Hannah Quinlivan would attend. The worker said that questions about the movie came first and took him away. On the stage Chairman Chou said that his family would come to Hong Kong to watch his show.

At an earlier press conference, Megan Lai and Sean Huang shared their production experience. In the film they began an old woman, young man relationship. They had a lot of intimate scenes. Megan Lai revealed that the director arranged for them to have a kiss scene, which was removed in the release. Only a peek on the forehead remained. She said, "I have no regret, at least I got to kiss." In real world, Megan Lai has never dated a younger man but felt that as long as they loved each other age was not an obstacle. In the past she mostly played tom boy characters. She said that she had a gentle side too and hoped to have a chance to show the audience her feminine side.

Sean Huang and Megan Lai had a height difference. He did not mind that he was shorter than her, which was just right for the story.

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