Friday, January 6, 2017


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Sammi Cheng Sau Man earlier attended the Beijing press conference with Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan to promote the film LOVE CONTRACTUALLY (HUP YEUK NAM NUI). Chang Hsiao-Chuan revealed that both he and Sammi would forget their lines when they got nervous during the shoot. Cheng Sau Man and Chang Hsiao-Chuan worked for the first time on a film. In it Cheng Sau Man as the CEO dominated the ordinary employee Chang Hsiao-Chuan. Chang Hsiao-Chuan revealed that as soon as the production began, Cheng Sau Man's presence had him under its spell! Actually their first scene was not a romantic one. They started with Chang Hsiao-Chuan yelling at Cheng Sau Man. Chang Hsiao-Chuan said, "Before the shoot I was very nervous. I was also very prepared. I knew my lines very well." Yet when he saw Cheng Sau Man on the set he forgot his lines, the pressure was enormous. He explained that in this scene he called Cheng Sau Man "deranged" and he did not feel right. Director Liu Guonan added that the exchanges between their eyes were great on camera.

Cheng Sau Man said that she watched the Chang Hsiao-Chuan starred THE STOLEN YEARS. She even thought that if she had the chance to work with Chang Hsiao-Chuan it would be very interesting! Chang Hsiao-Chuan has seen a lot of Sammi's films and listened to many of her songs, but he has always been a fan appreciating from a distance. Her performance with Andy Lau Tak Wa in THE BLIND DETECTIVE was memorable for him. He felt that her character was not easy to play and required good acting. Chang Hsiao-Chuan also revealed that Sammi was very energetic on the set, each time she would cheer up everyone and ease the tension of the film production.

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