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Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong Kwai Lai teamed up again for the Lunar New Year film KUNG FU YOGA, which will open February 16th in Hong Kong. Two days ago, Jackie Chan with Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Zhang Yixing, Muqimiya attended the Beijing promotion. They played games and held lucky drawing with the audience and the atmosphere was as cheerful as the Lunar New Year. Jackie Chan has always taken risks for his movies, Lee Chi Ting even revealed that after a 5 hour operation he insisted on working with him on an action scene for several hours before recovering.

With the Spring Festival on the way, Jackie Chan brought Lee Chi Ting, Zhang Yixing and others to wish the audience a Happy new Year. He lamented that so many viewers grew up with his movies, but he could not take a photo with each of them, give them an autograph. He even said that he liked film too much. "Film is my life. I want to keep making it to keep bringing everyone joy. However time spares no one, I don't know how many years I can keep going."

Lee Chi Ting and Zhang Yixing both agreed that they grew up with Jackie Chan's films. They never imagined that today they would be lucky enough to work with him. Indian actor Sonu Sood said, "The Indian audience also likes Jackie Chan movies very much. In addition, many Indian filmmakers want to add a variety of stunts into their own work only after watching Jackie Chan movies."

Lee Chi Ting recalled his fight scene with Jackie Chan in Iceland and lamented that Jackie Chan was very professional. He even revealed that at the time Jackie Chan just had a 5 hour long surgery and not yet recovered, but he kept it from everyone and insisted on finishing hours of action scenes. His professionalism and risk taking made people respect him. Zhang Yixing could not help but say to Jackie Chan, "Big Brother, how do you do it? Can you teach me how to risk my life?" Jackie Chan replied, "My life is like this, it doesn't matter."

KUNG FU YOGA's production span Europe and Asia, land, air and sea, invested hundreds of millions and even included the city of extravagance, Dubai. In the film Jackie Chan led Lee Chi Ting and Zhang Yixing to form the "kung fu trio" on a treasure hunt in Dubai. The team received top class treatment from Dubai. The Dubai royal family loaned over 70 super sports cars. The prince of Dubai even loaned the only and one in the entire world super sports car Devel Sixteen just for the most luxurious car chase. The lion that shared a car with Jackie Chan in the race was on loan from the princess of Dubai.

Once Jackie Chan accidentally scratched the luxury car, the Dubai royal family sent a new one the next day. In order to make it the same as the original color the blue car was covered with a yellow exterior for the convenience of the production. Jackie Chan stated, "I am beyond touched!"

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