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The audience's "no" makes Jung Yong-Hwa hesitate to feed the fan
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Jung Yong-Hwa and Michelle Wai 
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Korean star Jung Yong-Hwa yesterday with Michelle Wai Sze Nga attended their film COOK UP A STORM (KUET JIN SIK SUN)'s event. Yong-Hwa greeted everyone in Chinese and Cantonese. He even tried a tasting game with 20 fans. Fans were supposed to try the food but he could not help himself to try first. Originally he wanted to personally fed the fans, but the fans screamed "no". Sze Nga could only do it for him.

Before the event, they spoke to the media. Yong-Hwa admitted that he was not much of a cook but after making the movie he became interested. Not only his knife skills improved but now pasta was his best dish. This year he even cooked pasta for his mother for the first time. He said, "Maybe I added too much spice, it was so hot that it drove Mama to tears." Would Mama never dare to try anything else after that? He clarified. "Actually I thought it was very delicious, only too spicy. As a mother she would be happy with whatever I cook." He was also interested in culinary art training so he would be able to cook for his wife and children. He also revealed that Nicholas Tse Ting Fung made an entire apple tart for him to try and it was very tasty. If he had to make an entire tart for Ting Fung he could, but he was afraid that Ting Fung would be disappointed. As for shoot in the Czech Republic for the film, he said, "That was my first trip there. We went to a very pretty restaurant. I felt like I have become that restaurant's head chef." He also revealed that he went to have hot pot casserole and dim sum with the director there.

Speaking of working with Sze Nga, he said that for his first movie at first he was a little embarrassed. However Sze Nga was very nice and took care of him. Sze Nga said that during the shoot she called Yong-Hwa "Oppa", and she praised Yong-Hwa for learning very fast. She remembered the most when he was very surprised at each Chinese dish at the celebration. They could not help but call him a "foodie". Yong-Hwa stated, "I am a foodie." Did Sze Nga like guys like Yong-Hwa? She said, "Of course, every girl would. Today when I came to work, many co-workers came with me just to see him."

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