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Viewers of RAILROAD TIGERS were very surprised to find that Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was in the cast with a rather heavy role. He could be the second lead. However, the film's promotional focus instead was on Darren Wang whose guest starring role was less than 10 minutes.

On the promotional posters in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Cho Ming's name did not appear at all. Reportedly Big Brother did not want to bring Cho Ming pressure from his on screen comeback and deliberately kept a low profile, preventing Cho Ming from appearing on the poster, the still, the trailer and all promotional events.

Many stills of Cho Ming appeared online. He almost performed all of the dangerous stunts as he cherished the chance to truly return to the silver screen very much. Playing the son of Big Brother's girlfriend Xu Fan, he was indirectly Big Brother's step son. The father and son went to war, hijack the train and steal the explosives together.

In one scene when the Japanese soldiers captured them, Big Brother said that when he was young he looked very much like Cho Ming. Cho Ming said, "Where? Your nose is so big, where would I have seen what you look like several decades ago?" This scene led to many viewers' applause and laughter.

Big Brother still kept a low profile on Cho Ming's comeback and only said that he had nothing to do with the casting. He asked the reporters to ask the director. Director Ding Sheng said that when he wrote the script he realized that this character was very suitable for Cho Ming, so he cast him. RAILROAD TIGER so far has made 500 million yuan RMB. The audience also praised Cho Ming's performance.

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