Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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Gigi Leung Wing Kei in less than a year after giving birth to her daughter took the role in the film SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI). At the time she still was not in her best shape, she took the role because she found the script to be attractive. Earlier SISTERHOOD held five advanced screenings. Many viewers praised Gigi's first film performance after giving birth as sincere.

Leung Wing Kei said that during the shoot the biggest change was her body. "The main reason I took the film was I really liked this script. In addition I haven't played this type of character, I felt it was very challenging. When I made this film I just had a child. When I discussed the script with the director she instead asked me not to deliberately get into shape. Because the character actually didn't have to be particularly thin, my shape at the time was even more suitable for the character." In the film Leung Wing Kei often performed sans make up, but the greatest challenge was leaving his daughter to shoot in Macau.

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