Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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The Stanley Tong Kwai Lai directed Lunar New Year action comedy KUNG FU YOGA had its three leads Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Zhang Yixing on a treasure hunt all over Iceland, Dubai, and India. Earlier the latest trailer was unveiled. The trio caused a ruckus on the busy streets of India and mixed Indian magic with martial art action. Aside from new and fun action scenes, the entire team even happily danced the "kung fu yoga dance". No one expected that dancing would stump Jackie Chan, who could not perform a split or the traditional Indian dance "neck roll". He only joked that his was the "squat" and an unique "Dragon style neck roll". He also complained, "Indian dance truly is too hard. I don't know how they move their necks like that."

Director Tong Kwai Lai revealed, "I have always been interested in the Indian culture. Indian magic has an over 1,000 year history. This time I mix together these very wonderful street magic tricks and action scenes for Big Brother and the others to use magic to fight the villains in the city, which makes the action scenes fun, interesting and exciting."

While Jackie Chan worked on this Indian street scene, many local fans came to watch. A mother even chased Jackie Chan with her child in tow, asking for an autograph and photo together.

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