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Louis Koo says playing a couple with Charmaine Sheh is already terrifying
Julian Cheung will dismember Gordon Lam
Charlene Choi has been busy with the Big Bang concert and celebrating Gillian Chung's birthday
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Ava Liu (Yu Kiu) and others yesterday attended their new film SEUNG JOI NEI JOR YAU (ALWAYS AROUND YOU)'s worship ceremony. Ah Sa said that earlier she went to the BIG BANG concert despite being ill. When she left she forgot her wallet. Luckily someone generously loaned her money to help out. On the other hand Goo Jai admitted that the film version of A STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) will start production, but its preparation would require time. For now he had no details.

Yesterday Chilam was dressed casually. He revealed that in the film his character was hopeless but would encourage someone else who was without hope, Ah Sa. He would also dismember Gordon Lam Ka Tung. Chilam admitted that he has never played this type of character. To get into character he spent a lot of time in make up. He joked normally he was too bright and brilliant, to coordinate with his look he went out at night. If he told his wife she would not believe him.

Chilam said that he has always wanted to work with Ah Sa and was worried that her vocal cord had problems that might spread to him. Ah Sa said, "I am exhausted. When Chilam saw me he sang the off key version of GIRL SCHOOL GUY STUDENT. He is very funny."

Ah Sa went to the BIG BANG concert, which she said on social media was the most difficult concert she has ever attended. She explained, "My stomach was acting up and I went over a dozen times. I was already numb all over. When I got there I had to wait and stand. I was cold too. People around me all said that I was pale, I almost fainted. When I left, I saw several people fainting." Chilam joked, "Were you so tired that you GD but not GD? Haha."

Ah Sa said, "It was very hard to get a ride. The transportation was too inconvenient. I believed the event did its best, but it still had room for improvement." When she left with her friend, she realized that she did not bring her wallet. Ah Sa gratefully said, "It's really fortunate in the misfortune, Hong Kong people are really nice and kind. Someone loaned me 11 bucks, actually someone gave. (Did you give the money to you because they recognized you?) I don't know, but the person was really nice. (Did someone recognize you on the mini bus?) I wore a medical mask!"

Goo Jai and Ah Sheh played a couple. He joked that although he was not as terrifying as Chilam's dismemberment scene, playing a loving couple with Ah Sheh was very terrifying too. Ah Sheh worked on her first supernatural film. Earlier she watched horror film earlier to study the scared expression. However after less than three minutes she was already very afraid. Goo Jai said, "The opening credit is still running after three minutes." Ah Sheh said that she was not too scared during the shoot because she already knew the story. The most terrifying was when she read the script. She had to separate it several times before finishing it.

In addition, the series A STEP INTO THE PAST was rumored to be made into a film. Goo Jai admitted that. As for when it would start production, he said, "When it starts it will naturally start, but because the series was long and had a lot of characters, it will need time to be written and prepare for. (Which actors will participate?) I don't know, I am just an actor. I will worry about it when the script is done."

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