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Larine Tang and BabyJohn Choi work together for the first time
Chrissie Chau wishes to find real love in the new year
Lawrence Cheng calls in favors for his new film
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The Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui directed and starred YUPPIE FANTASIA 3 (SIU NAM YUN JAU GEI 3 ji NG GA YAU HEI) became the Year of the Rooster Lunar New Year film. Brother Tan along with the cast Chrissie Chau Sau Na, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik and Larine Tang Yueping wished everyone a Happy New Year. Brother Tan wished for even more Hong Kong films to appear this year. The single Sister Na looked forward to the little man of her heart to appear.

Brother Tan carried the "Lunar New Year film" banner for the first time so he had certain psychological pressure. Instead Sister Na and BabyJohn had Lunar New Year film experience. BabyJohn felt that the Lunar New Year was the time for film to blossom in variety. The audience would not be selective and would want to see every one. He hoped that everything would be good for everyone. Brother Tan agreed, "When four or five Lunar New Year films were released they were all critical and commercial hits. Many classic films were Lunar New Year films. To me making a Lunar New Year film was a stressful, so I had to call in favors from friends. I asked the Grasshoppers, Cheng Yi Kin, Cheung Chi Lam to guest star." Brother Tan said, "I sent my bath scene with Sister Na to Ekin in protest, of course I didn't tell him to come and watch. Otherwise he would have jumped in too." He said that he really had nothing bad to say about Cheung Chi Lam, Chilam in the film played a traffic cop. Brother Tan remembered that day they shot outside Cyberport but they ran into a storm. When Chilam arrived the storm warning was yellow, in make up it was red. When they took his mark the warning was already black. Finally this scene was shot under a narrow overpass. After the shoot he was in a three hour traffic jam back to the city. It was very memorable.

Brother Tan's on screen daughter Larine revealed, "In this scene I had to show my midriff. After the shoot I went to the hospital but not for a cold. The reason was that I heard black coffee could ease bloating. During make up at 4AM I had four black coffee. After over a week I ended up with a hole in my stomach. At first after pain at night I thought I was fine. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, went to the hospital and found out it was a big deal. I needed surgery to take care of it."

Brother Tan smacked the table out of rage and said, "You tell everyone what you did before getting out of the hospital." Tang Yueping said apologetically, "I had baked pork chop and rice." Brother Tan turned into a strict father. "She just got off the IR and had gastroscopy, yet she went to have baked pork chop and rice. I still want to slap her now." Larine after her release had a hospital scene, in which she also had baked pork chop and rice. This time she played herself exactly.

Brother Tan yelled at his "daughter" but actually really took care of her. When she returned to work he gave her caterpillar fungus and lingzhi mushroom and reminded her to take them everyday. Was Sister Na jealous? Brother Tan said, "I gave all of me to her, she has plenty at home. If I give them to her I am afraid that she would put them away and not use them." Sister Na said, "I want them, hurry up and give them to me."

As for his New Year's wish, Brother Tan wished that everyone would be like the film poster -- always with a smile; and for even more Hong Kong films to appear in the future. Sister Na did not expect the film would be a Lunar New Year film, she wished that everyone would happily watch the comedy, which was also the best New Year present. She would like to find someone like Brother Tan, a big man on the outside and a little man at home, with Brother Tan's intelligence, talent and knew how to cheer people up. Thus it would be difficult. Was age not a problem? Brother Tan joked that he would smack the table and leave. Sister Na said that age was not an issue. She liked mature men. However she would also appreciate "Young Fresh Meat" too.

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