Thursday, January 19, 2017


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Anthony Wong
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Chrissie Chau
Charmaine Sheh
Daneil Lam, Anthony Wong and Albert Yeung
Fions Sit is too busy to see doctor
Kelly Fu
Natalie Tong says that she has not seen Tony Hung in awhile
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Universe group last night held its 30th anniversary dinner. Many in the industry came to celebrate. Anthony Wong Chau Sun came early and joked that he was looking for job with the two bosses Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Daneil Lam Siu Ming. The trio often chatted and seemed to be preparing for a big project. Boss Lam Siu Ming revealed that this year the company will make sequels to OUT OF INFERNO (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN) and THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK). The Andy Lau Tak Wa starred SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA) will be released at the end of April. Lam Siu Ming was not worried that Wa Jai's injury would affect the new film promotion and wish Wa Jai a speedy recovery. As for Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam's lawsuit, Lam Siu Ming said that it will probably be resolved this year and admitted that now they have already reached a point when they had nothing to say to each other. First they had to first resolve the contract problems. Because their contract originally was to 2019, she in principle would have to make compensation to him. However the judge would issue a verdict. Chau Sun said that he sent a text to Wa Jai. He said, "From the looks of it it wasn't too serious. Wa Jai is immortal I hope he is fine. Horseriding can be scary, when it goes mad it's very terrifying."

Director Johnnie To Kei Fung also consoled Wa Ja. He said that according to his company no one should worry about Wa Jai's condition. However he was hurt. For now he had no film project with Wa Jai and he wished for him a speedy recovery. Sammo Hung Kam Bo would director and star in a new film. Last night he came with his two sons. He too wished for a speedy recovery for Wa Jai because he was healthy and strong. He joked that if he fell off a horse now he would be in greater trouble. Natalie Tong Sze Wing yesterday shared something meaningful online and was mistaken for a relationship change with boyfriend Tony Hung Wing Sing. "Last year I talked too much about my relationship. This year I want to focus on work. If we have any problem I would tell everyone." Sze Wing admitted that she has not seen her boyfriend in some time. Were they not living together? She said coyly, "You are living together." Sze Wing stressed that she did not want to talk about her love life because she was not good at expressing herself.

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