Thursday, January 19, 2017


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Laurinda Ho brings her brother Orlando
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G.E.M. wants over 10 million but only has 3 million at the box office
G.E.M. launches paper planes with friends
Laurinda Ho makes her movie debut for G.E.M.
Renee Lee and her baby get a photo with Justin Lo
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G.E.M. (Tang Chi Kei)'s autobiographic film AGAINST THE WIND (YUT LO YIK FUNG) two nights ago held its premiere. Friends Laurinda Ho Chiu Lin, Renee Lee Wan, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Sherman Chung Shu Man, Sukie Chung Shu Kei and Alfred Hui Ting Hung showed their support. The 25 year old G.E.M. felt that at different age she should have different experience. In the film she shared with young people how she chased her dream. Speaking of the film's lacking Mainland box office performance, G.E.M. said, "I just want to share my experience through the film, I have no box office or number expectation. Earlier I was just joking. Someone asked me how many people I would like to watch the movie, I said 10 million people would be good." As for former boyfriend Yoga Lin's wedding, G.E.M. said that they no longer had contact after the break up, but she has congratulated him in other interviews. Will she invite him to attend her Taiwan concert? She said that she has not planned to perform in Taiwan yet. A report claimed that back then G.E.M. went to Taiwan alone to celebrate the Lunar New Year's Eve with Yoga Lin's mother. She said, "It's already in the past, I won't bring up the past again." G.E.M. even said if she had a new romance she would not announce it until the wedding. Was she afraid of dating people in the industry? She said, "I won't resist, it's not like I am afraid that it would die when exposed. I only feel that I don't need to withstand different people's looks and pressure." Ho Chiu Lin and Lee Wan appeared in the film. They said that G.E.M. did not limit their topics. They talked about G.E.M.'s view on love. Did the movie mention Yoga Lin? Chiu Lin said, "It was one of her relationships, it features her view on love." Chiu Lin's former boyfriend Kenji Wu said that he did not like all the talk from his girlfriend's friends. Chiu Lin avoided talking about the reference to G.E.M. Lee Wan also was too busy with her daughter to be upset with the report. She even welcomed suitors but she did not plan to date again. Right now she wanted to focus on work.

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