Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Fruit Chan says that Kevin Cheng is the most innocent in the entire matter
Kevin Cheng and Fruit Chan joke about how great the police station curry chicken and rice is
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Kevin Cheng returns to Hong Kong
After 8 hours at the station, Kevin Cheng is finally released around 11PM and looks tired
Kevin Cheng and Fruit Chan explain the matter
Alan Wan has no idea how to help with the investigation
Raymond Wong
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The new year just started but Kevin Cheng Ka Wing by chance ran into legal trouble in Macau. Yesterday around 3AM he returned to Hong Kong with his film company public relations and assistant. After resting for most of the day, Ka Wing yesterday worked on a video with DRAGON TATTOO (GAU LUNG BUK BAI) director Fruit Chan Gor to respond to the matter and provide an update. He joked that he had a "police station meal". Chan Gor said that he was working on a Macau plain clothes cop scene outside the Macau Army Club museum while the equipment was in a vehicle. The pink building was very pretty and looked like a large Macau police station, but after the shoot he found out that they broke the law. The building was the security bureau office building and a restricted area that prohibited any photography, thus they were invited back to the police station to assist with the investigation. Chan Gor joked that the police station food was even more delicious than the rice boxes on the set. Ka Wing said that the police officer recommended curry chicken and rice tasted good.

DRAGON's boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming last night said, "We applied for the production outside the building, but omitted to apply for the shoot inside. They entered the building to shoot without authorization. You know the 80s and the 90s directors would take all kinds of risk for the best result, even if they were not authorized they might shoot in secret. They were wrong in the entire matter and should apologize. Chan Gor had to bear the responsibility of an apology."

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