Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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Snow Suen
Angie Shum plays a flight attendant in the film
Mak Ling Ling and Bob Lam play a couple and even have bed scenes
Natalie Tong
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The Lunar New Year film LUCKY FAT MAN (NGOR YIU FAT DAT) two nights ago held its premiere. Actors Bob Lam Sing Bun, Mak Ling Ling, Natalie Tong Sze Wing, Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Angie Shum Yat Ka and Snow Suen Wai Suet attended. Ah Suet dressed up for the occasion but denied that it was her great liberation after marriage. She was only matching her adult video actress character in the film. She said that she did not need to consult her husband about what she wore.

Tong Sze Wing said that she would ask boyfriend Tony Hung Wing Sing to get tickets and support domestic films. Sze Wing in the film played a prostitute, but all the kiss and bed scenes were focused on Mak Ling Ling and Bob. She would have sexy costume performance, a change from her past nice girl image.

Lam Sing Bun for his first Lunar New Year film lead played a couple with Mak Ling Ling in the film. He even joked that Sister Ling Ling was great in bed, actually she slept very well. Sister Ling Ling complained that Bob changed the script on the spot and improvised to keep her from delivering her lines. He even hit her with lottery tickets. Bob then praised Sister Ling Ling for being very nice, constantly treating the actors to abalone and bird's nest.

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