Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hedwig Tam, Larine Tang
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Lawrence Cheng with his daughters Zaneta and Amanda
Larine Tang says that she suffers endless tortures in her new movie
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Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui's new film YUPPIA FANTASIA 3 (SIU NAM YUN JAU GEI 3 ji NG GA YAU HEI) yesterday held a Lunar New Year worship ceremony in Sheung Wan. Actresses Larine Tang Yueping, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin and Kelly Chen Ka Lei attended, as well as guest stars and Brother Tan's daughters Zaneta Cheng Yiu and Amanda Cheng Min. Brother Tan joked that his old wife went out and left the three of them so he did not know what to do. Actually because Sunday was family day, later they will have dinner together.

Brother Tan praised them for being able to win Best Supporting Actress. He revealed that they were the best at rolling their eyes. Brother Tan said, "They normally are the best at rolling their eyes at me. Whenever I tell them to study they would roll their eyes at me. n the film I played the boss. They were very polite in front of me but rolling their eyes at me behind my back. They really did great in that scene. (Would you make them leads?) Don't bother, they are very busy. They have real jobs, unlike me -- middle aged and looking for a job. (Do you want your daughters to follow your footsteps?) They have to be interested first, you can't force that. Actually this time I wanted to have a crossover with my daughters, appearing on camera together for memory." Later he even asked his daughters to demonstrate rolling their eyes on the spot.

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