Friday, January 20, 2017


Edmond Hui, G.E.M.
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G.E.M. (Tang Chi Kei) earlier was a guest on the TVB Entertainment News station program STARTALK and discussed her first documentary AGAINST THE WIND. She said that she has never given up on the city of Hong Kong and its fans. She would continue to work on Cantonese songs.

G.E.M. once minded all the earlier reports. She said, "If I say I didn't care t would truly sound too official. How can I not care? With this documentary I only want to use my own angle to tell everyone the truth, I didn't deliberately avoid anything." G.E.M. also said, "Speaking of the most upsetting report, it probably was at my 2014 concert when I had to face the most severe public opinion of my life. My Weibo had over posts from 180,000 people. Many people were yelling at me. The most heartbreaking was that the event has already spoken up on my behalf, no one cared at all as they kept criticizing me. I felt very dark." G.E.M. admitted that she once removed the app from her mobile photo. She said, "Because at the time I would cry as soon as I saw the posts. I really wanted to get away."

Speaking on the online assault on her, she said, "If I was in a good mood, I wouldn't feel much from the online criticism. However if I wasn't, especially when I was hungry, I might be very upset, very bothered." She also said, "As for the fashion criticism, I really took the evidence to the company and said, 'I told you I won't wear that, can you see that now!'"

As for her old flame Yoga Lin, G.E.M. said, "Love makes you numb. You get lost in it. At the time I didn't sense that I was too naive, but actually people around me thought I wasn't realistic. Ultimately it was the longest relationship I had after getting into the business, so it was its effect on me. However I wasn't scarred, when you face it with time you can be fine." She also said, "I have never publicized anything, only once on my personal facebook account I wrote something and people published it. (Did a friend betray you?) Yes, after that, I unfriended a lot of people in facebook." Would she announce her next relationship? G.E.M. said, "No, because I have to keep the other person's feeling in mind. Right now I might not announce anything until my wedding. I want to date but I am in no hurry."

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