Monday, January 16, 2017


Michelle Wai, Helena Law, Halina Tam and Philip Keung
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Earlier Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Halina Tam Siu Wan, Philip Keung Ho Man and Helena Law Lan worked on the film ADIEU (GO BIT JI HAU). Wai Sze Nga revealed that she and Louis Cheung Kai Chung would play a couple. Their daughter had leukemia. "The shoot took place around Christmas and New Year's Eve. Everyone else were happy but we were very heartbroken." Sze Nga played a mother before but she asked Cheung Kai Chung for advice. "Actually one of the reasons I took this film was I wanted to work with Cheung Kai Chung again. Before we worked on a comedy together. He was very sharp. I wanted to know how he would be like on a tragedy. He was very funny off camera but as soon as the cameras rolled he got into character. He was an actor with a lot of ideas."

Tam Siu Wan who has not appeared on screen for a long time recently made two movies. "The feelings all came back. With the right characters I would want to play them. (Would you return to TVB?) They haven't asked me, I wouldn't resist. The recent reruns of VIRTUES OF HARMONY got to my part. Watching again I thought it was pretty interesting. When I made them I had a lot of fun."

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