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Stephen Chow supervises Shaun Tam's Cantonese voice work for Sun Wukong
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi and Tsui Hark's JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK will open on the Lunar New Year's Day. The "Four Great Comedy Stars" Chet Lam Yat Fung, Shaun Tam Chun Yin, Jiro Lee Seung Ching and Fire Lee (For For) will provide the Cantonese voices for the Master and Disciples quartet. Earlier the Cantonese version voice work went on for two days in a row. Sing Yeh personally supervised and instructed the four on the performance. Sing Yeh even invited master class Tang Monk Law Kar Ying to return as the voice of the Tang Monk's master.

Tam Chun Yin provided his voice to Sun Wukong. Sing Yeh studied the lines with. He suddenly pointed at the monitor and said to Tam Chun Yin, "You have to 'rape' this mouth!" Sing Yeh could not help but laugh after saying it, explaining that this was a voice acting slang. It meant to force the dubbing without synchronizing with the lips, not raping the mouth.

Lam Yat Fung after JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS again provided his voice to Tang Monk. He said that the Wen Zhang played Tang Monk and the Kris Wu Yifan played Tang Monk were drastically different. This time his voice as the Wu Yifan played Tang Monk would be more energetic, like a child with lower emotional quotient and a little temper. For For provided his voice to Sand Monk and revealed that he did one line over 20 times because Sing Yeh wanted different tones.

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