Friday, January 27, 2017


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Stephen Chow Sing Chi, director Tsui Hark and Mainland actor Kris Wu Yifan were guests on Cable's Film Montage for their film JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK. Everyone knew about the JOURNEY TO THE WEST characters, but Sing Yeh named "Young Fresh Meat" Wu Yifan to the role of Tang Monk. When asked for the reason Sing Yeh said, "Of course it's acting. Other than acting, what else does he have? Handsome? I don't think so!" Sing Yeh pointed at Tsui Hark and said, "How can you even compare!"

Tsui Hark said, "I like him for his looks, he looks even better bald!" Sing Yeh covered his mouth and snickered. "The director's opinion is certain to be different, we have a lot of differences but having differences is a good thing! For example he said since everyone who made JOURNEY TO THE WEST used special effects, we wouldn't. Aren't we screwed!" What was different about the new film and other JOURNEY films? Sing Yeh said, "Aside from no special effect, actually nothing is different!"

Wu Yifan was very excited and honored to be able to work with two film industry heavyweights Sing Yeh and Tsui Hark. He said that they were rather demanding. When asked how high his demands were, Sing Yeh looked at the ceiling and said, "It's higher than here!"

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