Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan starred in the city romantic comedy LOVE CONTRACTUALLY (HUP YEUK NAM NUI), which will open on February 16th in Hong Kong. Earlier the film released the Cheng Sau Man performed theme song SENSE AND EMOTION music video. In the film Cheng Sau Man and Chang Hsiao-Chuan overcame obstacles like sex, age and class to pursue the love in front of them. Cheng Sau Man said, "The female protagonist and I have different personalities, but I really admire her brave decision. The highest point of love is disregard for age, identity, class, this becomes from a very pure type of love."

In the music video Cheng Sau Man and Chang Hsiao-Chuan's scenes by the Normandy beach often appeared. Both actors injected a lot of emotions and thought into this film. This time Cheng Sau Man appeared in a variety trendy suits. Cheng Sau Man also sad taht she liked a lot of the costumes and was very pleased.

Working with Cheng Sau Man for the first time, Chang Hsiao-Chuan stated that his character's honest and direct personality was very much like himself. Chang Hsiao-Chuan even challenged the highly difficult skydive. He safely landed from high in the air without using any double. For this skydiving scene, Chang Hsiao-Chuan contacted a skydiving champion and went to a skydiving base in Anyang, Henan to learn and perfect this popular sport. Chang Hsiao-Chuan said, "Skydiving is very hard, but I especially enjoy that feeling of leaving the ground."

The team prepared a retro motorcycle with a side car to witness the romance between the leads. Chang Hsiao-Chuan admitted that he liked to ride a motorcycle a lot. During the shoot, the motorcycle broke down and could not be started. Chang Hsiao-Chuan even helped with the repair.

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