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THE GRANDMASTER Tony Leung Chiu Wai teaches Wuba Wing Chun
Bai Baihe says her son really likes Wuba
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The film MONSTER HUNT 2 (JOOK YIU GEI 2) yesterday held an event in Beijing. Director Raman Hui Sing Ngai brought Wuba's new and old friends for a live "Monster Hunt Family" reunion. Announced earlier as a part of the cast, Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai also appeared and caused a stir. Wai Jai revealed that he hsa not made a costume film in a long time. This time the character would have a breakthrough. He admitted that while working on a computer generated film because most of the time he was acting with the air, he was a little not used to it at first.

Since the announcement of Leung Chiu Wai's addition to MONSTER HUNT 2, viewers looked forward to this Best Actor and Wuba's teaming. This would also be Wai Jai's return to costume comedy after 14 years. Yesterday he made a surprise appearance and brought the enthusiasm out of the crowd. As for what character he would play, Wai Jai only revealed that this would be a character that would be different from his past ones. Wai Jai said, "I haven't made a costume film in a very long time. The costume really is very pretty but also rather heavy, so working on action scenes in it is a little tough. During the shoot because most of the time I was acting with the air, at first I was a little not used to it."

At the event, Wai Jai even performed a "wager of the century" with Wuba. Although Wuba lost, he got a gift from Wai Jai -- a big gold yuanbao for Wuba's travel expenses. In addition, the GRANDMASTER Wai Jai even taught Wuba Wing Chun to help Wuba grow. However Wuba's Wing Chun looked more cute than powerful.

Bai Baihe after almost two years appeared with Wuba again. Bai Baihe shared her joy of reuniting with Wuba. She also admitted that Wuba was really becoming like her son. "My son Yuanbao really likes Wuba. When the first movie was released, after watching the movie he told me that he wanted to adopt Wuba to be his brother. Wuba really is like another son of mine."

Unable to appear in person, Jing Boran sent a video. Bai Baihe also gave Wuba a red scarf as a gift, as she wished Wuba a healthy new year and more and more success. The event happened to take place on Bai Baihe's birthday. Wuba prepared a cake to celebrate with Bai Baihe and sang the birthday song with the audience. Fans were also invited to present flowers to Bai Baihe, which made her very happy.

Other new additions to the "Monster Hunt family" included Chris Lee Yuchun and Tony Yang. Lee Yuchun used a special picture frame to interpret emojis, and revealed even more characteristics of her character -- rich, domineering and faithful.

Tony Yang also sent a video as he was unable to attend in person. "This will be my first attempt with live action computer generated production, which will be different from my past movie experience. It will be especially meaningful."

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