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Andy Lau and Felix Wong's SHOCK WAVE will be released next month
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA) asked his friend and fellow "Five Tigers" Felix Wong Yat Wa for help. Wong Yat Wa even played Wa Jai's superior while he was undercover as they both went after bank robbers. Earlier they appeared in Yuen Long for a late night car chase scene. Producer Wa Jai arrived at the set early on and personally supervised the car chase. Wong Yat Wa was in a police car in pursuit of the bank robbers. The vehicles raced in high speed on the industrial area streets, made fast turns and "drifted". No wonder Wong Yat Wa after shoot stated it was a lot of fun. After over 20 years without a car chase he even said that he was "addicted to shaking the tail". He said, "The second turn was amazing, it really was a lot of fun! I haven't tried to lose the tail in over a decade or two. When we did the third take, I really wanted to sit in the driver's seat." After the car chase scene, Wong Yat Wa, his role officially wrapped. After shaking hands and bidding farewell with Wang Ziyi, Ken Low Wai Kwong and others, he hug and shook hands with Lau Tak Wa. Then Lau Tak Wa said, "We will work together again soon." Wong Yat Wa said, "More fun next time." Then they took a photo together.

Wong Yat Wa revealed that he and Lau Tak Wa put together the collaboration at dinner. He said, "At the time he asked me if I would be interested in having a few days of fun in this movie, I said, 'Since you asked, no problem'. So I took part in this film." Speaking of working together after so many years, Wong Yat Wa said that it was like a "buddy reunion". He also said that it brought back a lot of of past collaboration memories. He said, "Of course I would be reminded of the days that we toughed out together, happy days and production experience. I am the happiest that with our hard work years later we all have our own success."

Wa Jai is still recovering after a work injury earlier. Always supportive of domestic creativity, Wa Jai still missed the musical UNFORGETTABLE ERA's rehearsal. So he sent his two "sons" Androx and Blackie to visit the set. As soon as Androx and Blackie saw the actors rehearsing their songs, they could not help but dance and even wanted to take part in the performance!

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