Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Shawn Yue Man Lok and Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier talked about their new film MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING) and its 8 Hong Kong Film Award nominations. The film was about family relationship. Chi Wai played Yue Man Lok's father. Actually this time Chi Wai personally called Lok Jai to ask him to perform. They in order to support new director Wong Chun even worked for zero salary.

Yue Man Lok received his first Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor nomination. He said, "I really am very happy to be nominated, of course Chi Wai called me immediately to notify me. This time the nomination felt very timely, if I took this film five years ago I might not be able to perform it well."

Tsang Chi Wai stated that he thought about not taking the role. "I don't want to make such a heavy film. I want to be happy in my movies, so I always make comedy. I get to laugh too. I felt how hard it was on Lok Jai. On the set he was always mad. In order to get into his character he hid in a room. When he spoke he was never loud." Lok Jai said, "During the shoot I rarely chatted with Chi Wai, because as soon as I did I would be happy again. On the set Chi Wai had hot pot casserole almost everyday. He would bring the food to me like he was visiting me in prison." Would Lok Jai get married if he wins Best Actor? Lok Jai said that he would not.

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