Friday, March 3, 2017


Venus Wong and Edward Ma promote their film in school uniform
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Venus Wong Man Yik, Edward Ma Chi Wai, Teresa Mak Ka Kei, To Siu Kiu and Chantale Bui Yi Lam two nights ago attended the TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE (CHOR LUEN YUT GEI: JIN NAM MUK YAU) advanced screening audience appreciation event in Mongkok in school uniforms. Wai Jai revealed that he and Venus shared a peck in the kiss scene. Venus joked that he got very lucky, after kissing her he got to kiss someone else. Wai Jai said that aside from Venus he also kissed Bui Yi Lam. Which one was better? He said, "It's very hard to say, probably Venus."

Venus said that she and Ma Jai have known each other for a long time, but playing a couple for the first time felt very awkward. During the shoot she was reminded her first love. Has Venus run into any impatient guys in real life? She luckily has not.

Playing a teacher in the film, Mak Ka Kei was asked when she wore a school uniform last. She said, "Two years, the clothes still smell like moth balls." She revealed that in the film because she was Wong Man Yik in romantic trouble so she taught her how to get guys. As a mother she said that the children mature earlier now, so she has already provided sex education to her nine year old son. "Now you can see a lot online, I have to set a foundation for him first. I would rather I tell him then his fellow classmates making things up, so he would know what is sex and who is love. Now it is very popular to tell children to use the condom and not to get anyone pregnant. That is just overkill." She also revealed that her son constantly watched her past work in secret. He would ask her why her costumes were so sexy and tell her not to dress like that anymore. Her daughter would tell her not to wear short dresses and ask if she wore anything underneath. Her daughter said that she could only wear short dresses at home, just like the lady of the house.

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