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Kitty Zhang is surprised by her Hong Kong Film Award nomination
Richie Jen and Kitty Zhang win the Most Charming Actor and Actress Awards
When Richie Jen cannot leave his character he thinks of an escape route at a restaurant
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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Mainland Kitty Zhang Yuqi, director Andrew Lau Wai Keung, cinematographer Arthur Wong Ngok Tai two nights ago attended the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers annual dinner. Siu Chai and Zhang Yuqi won the "Most Charming Actor" and the "Most Charming Actress". Siu Chai said that in Taiwan no one has invited him to attend similar events. He felt that the Hong Kong film industry was very centripetal force, very united and had quite an atmosphere.

Siu Chai said that perhaps he played a cold robber he won the charming award. He said that he would continue to work hard on every character.

Yet sometimes during acting he was too in character. Siu Chai stated that it was very hard to leave the character. "After playing the robber, when I got home and looked at the kids my eyes turned vicious. They would be scared. Once I went to dinner with other actors, we all looked around to see if there were any cameras; next door was a gold store and we also came up with the escape route after a robbery; sometimes I even thought that I had a gun in my pocket. Thus after the shoot I had to take time off, adjust and leave the character. During the shoot I would try not to take other jobs, especially concerts."

Nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor, Siu Chai was asked if after the charming award he would be more confident? "The competition is too strong, so I don't have any confidence. However I can sit there together, which is also a type of recognition." Would he attend with his family? Siu Chai said that they would not. "I am already very nervous, when I lose I wouldn't know what kind of reaction t to give. My family can stay home and cheer for me."

The "Most Charming Actress" Zhang Yuqi was also nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress. "I was rather surprised to receive the Hong Kong Film Award nomination, as I didn't know the team applied for this category for me. It was rather unexpected and joyous. I rather look forward to this nomination and I definitely will attend the award show."

Will she celebrate with her husband? Zhang Yuqi said, "I think he would wait for me to win before celebrating with me. If I don't win, I would be too embarrass to go home. Everyone please just let me go home." Will she walk the red carpet with Stephen Chow Sing Chi? She said, "I don't know about the arrangement then, I only hope that it will be a little warmer and not rainy." The last time she attended the Hong Kong Film Award, her hair was wet and she was drenched.

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